Meshes Record Release November 1st • PreOrder Now

Order Billy Martin’s MESHES CD and get a bonus graphic score* to enter contest

Package includes: 1) double sided poster with 2 graphic scores used in this recording session. 2) digital download card for audio, new graphic score* image download and instructions for entering contest to contribute your version in the next Meshes record compilation. 3) 6 panels with art and liner notes that feel good in your hands. 4) CD

About the music:

2 readings of graphic scores with 14 piece orchestra ; 2 keyboard mallet works ; 4 conducted improvising orchestra works

More info and order HERE

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Organism by Creative Music Studio • Music, Dance & Film Oct 12th Narrowsburg NY

Get your tickets NOW for Organism, a collaborative project featuring the CMS Improvisers Orchestra (CIO), Billy Martin, Karl Berger, Yoshiko Chuma, and Nicholas Van Young of Dorrance Dance Company.  More info and advance tickets HERE


This performance is supported by a generous grant from NEW MUSIC USA

Check out our New Music USA PAGE for Organism