Additional funding now goes to support struggling artists in these uncertain times

I have reached my initial Kickstarter goal. THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged so far!

The additional ‘stretch-goal’ funds (what goes beyond funding the production of this record + CDs + LPs) goes to support touring. During this campaign we have met grave financial challenges for most musicians including many many others all around the world.

What I have decided to do is put aside all additional funding to help support the musicians (and other artists) in need during these times with the hopes that we recover asap, get out on the road and bring you this new music from my new record G U I L T Y .

Thank you so much for any contribution you can make.

I wish you nothing but safety, health, happiness and LOVE,

Yours truly

Billy Martin aka illy B

PS – Below is a mock photo of the extra special LP vinyl that comes with a $50 pledge.

clear vinyl image v2lo