Free film screening hosted by Billy Martin August 27th 2018


Così in terra • directed by Paolo Santolini) • 2017 • 82 mins • Italian with English subtitles • original music by Billy Martin

August 28th 2018 8pm at The Herman House Gallery, Englewood NJ

Click on photo and register for free admission.Cosi in terra a film by Paolo Santolini (Italy 2017)

Father Luigi Ciotti always travels with two books under his arm: the New Testament and the Italian Constitution. They are the instruments of the “revolution of consciences” which he practices every day. A constant, tireless toiling aimed at stitching and re-stitching together the healthy parts of Italy. A patchwork blanket of scraps, which unites and gives strength, reminding us that over-used, emptied-out, betrayed words such as justice, anti-mafia, institutions, welfare, ethics, morals, democracy or solidarity belong to us, and should have their original meaning restored to them. That it is possible, together, to rethink them and reclaim them.
The consistency of his gestures over years of great political, social and anthropological change made him one of the most exposed, at-risk men in the country, a sensitive target, a rebel priest, a free, tireless, troublesome, heretic.