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The Shell Collector (Japan) • Watch Trailer

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Podcast music: HOMECOMING (soundtrack season2)

Time Sensitive (podcast theme)

Billy was also featured in the movie Blue in the Face with John Lurie as street musician and on the soundtrack record.

Paris TV concert with Iggy Pop, Johnny Depp, Crissie Hynde and Vanessa Paradis

Check out Billy’s own imprint Amulet Records

Billy at IMDB

As Film Maker

LIFE ON DRUMS a documentary about the Art or Drumming • FLY IN A BOTTLE a documentary about Medeski Martin & Wood • G E E K   L O V E (MUSIC VIDEO) • CRUSTACEATRON a music video featuring John Medeski & Billy Martin’s MAGO project • MOTHERSKY an experimental video shot on 16mm film • CW an experimental video featuring Chris Wood and John Medeski (Medeski, Martin & Wood) • CLOCK AT THE TOP OF THE TOWN a music video for Todd Clouser (Guitarist / Songwriter)

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