BM1001 & custom burned drumsticks editions

March 10th 2022 new drumsticks announcement and information

A) NEW EDITION BM 1001 DRUM STICKS (pictures below) 

This brand new 2nd edition of drumsticks features my very first set of mostly hickory ( +5 pair ash) called BM 1001. These are all self-designed pre-printed artwork on my signature drum sticks. I have a total of 58 pairs and they are the most affordable ready to order. You can order directly from me (DOMESTIC USA address orders ONLY) by e-mailing billy (at) billymartin (dot) .

The other 20 pairs are available for INTERNATIONAL customers for a limited time now at my official online store HERE


B) CUSTOM BURNED ILLY ART DRUM STICKS (example pictures below)

The other drum sticks I am offering are my custom artwork burned into mahogany (limited to 20 pair) or ash (limited to 6 pair). This is for DOMESTIC USA address customers only. I ask that you choose a price between $50-180. When I get your deposit (Venmo preferred) I will burn my own images on the sticks by hand. The complexity or combination of logos, signature etc will be determined by the commissioned price you choose. Please contact me by e-mailing billy (at) billymartin (dot) net regarding your request for my custom burned art sticks.

Thank you !! – Billy Martin aka illy B


BM 1001 sticks (below)


Mahogany and Ash blanks before art is burned in (below)


Previous sticks with custom burned Art by Billy Martin aka illy B (below)

simple to more complex custom burned art as examples