Afro Nuyorican Eclipse at El Taller April 21 NYC


The CMS IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA conducted by BILLY MARTIN and KARL BERGER presents “AFRO NUYORICAN ECLIPSE,” featuring legendary Nuyorican poets Sandra Maria Esteves, Jésus Papoleto Meléndez, Celidad de La Luz (aka LaBruja), Ashley August plus musicians Arturo O’Farrill, Frank London and an all-star orchestra.


215 East 99th Street, NY, NY 10029

performance at 7:30pm-9pm • Lower level gallery theater

212-665-9460 •

Advanced TICKETS $15 HERE


New solo compositions by Billy Martin

“I’m disappearing into the unknown. It’s very liberating.” – Billy MartinFinal cover front

Disappearing – Billy Martin: piano, drum set and visual art – April 12 2018  (Amulet Records)

A wildly imaginative set of solo works on prepared piano and drum set by Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin and Wood, The Lounge Lizards, Creative Music Studio). Informed by a series of his own visual artworks, Martin recorded 3 impromptu sets of performances at The Herman House Gallery surrounded by his art.

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In the framework of our group exhibition The Projective Drawing, acclaimed US-percussionist Billy Martin is joined by Austrian bass clarinetist Susanna Gartmayer for a special musical performance interpreting Sara Flores‘s work in the exhibition.

Sara Flores was born in 1950 in the indigenous community of Tanbo Mayo, in the Loreto region of the Peruvian Amazon, where at 14 started her apprenticeship in the arts under the guidance of her mother. Imbued with intention, her artistic practice is distinguished by the intricate design and astonishing exactitude.

The Quené through which Sara projects and recasts her own universe is a complex artistic genre moving from an almost cybernetic codified system tapping into and representing the substrate of existence, to a healing design or design medicine, to a musical pattern accompanying the icaro of a shaman in a ceremony. The way the patterns and the repetition and variation motifs, hand-drawn in free form, without the aid of prepared patterns or computer modeling, emerge to fit the canvas, points to the mind-bending way in which these patterns are stored mnemonically and mapped back on to the canvas through an embodied practice, making it seem almost like neuronal mapping, an exercise in connectomics.

Sara Flores utilizes a variety of polychrome natural dyes that she personally prepares from autochthone flora such as the leaves of the Amí for the purple, the fruit of Achiote for the red, the bark of the Yacushapana for the black, the root of the Guisador for the yellow – just to name a few of the plants her practice requires establishing relationships with.

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