MESHES #3 (graphic score pictured above)

This is a fantastic compilation of artists (from around the world) interpreting Billy Martin’s (a.k.a. illy B) graphic score “Meshes Score #3” (see album cover image). 

Last year Martin released his chamber music record Meshes (Amulet Records) and invited anyone to submit a recording of their interpretation of this score. This new score included directions in the original Meshes CD package / digital download card. 

Take a trip and experience these wild interpretations! 


released July 20, 2020 

Leading artists who submitted their work: 
Doom Orchestra, Tyler Skoglund, Apollo, Nathan Clarke, Benedikt Hess, Ziga Golob, Steve Davit, Erin E, Doom Street, Francesco Cigana and Kenneth Martin. 

Recorded and mixed by the artists. 
Produced by Billy Martin aka illy B 
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper