new watercolors by illy B (February-March 2023)

New watercolor artworks by Billy Martin aka illy B (February-March 2023)

Please note: Below are quick photos which may not represent the exact color. Several of the paper colors are not correct. Most paper colors are white or off-white. Some may be slightly green. Others have background washes but very few.

If you would like to see a better photograph and more details on size, medium, price (if they are for sale at all) please send an email to billy (at)


1 (below)


2. (below)

3. (below)

4. (below) 5. (below)

6. (below)

7. (below)

8. (below)

9. (below)

10. (below)

11. (below)

12. (below)

13. (below)

14. (below)


15. (below)


16. (below)


17. (below)


18. (below)


19. (below)

20. (below)


21. (below)


22. (below)


23. (below)


24. (below)


25. (below)

26. (below)