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CMS programs (5 weeks)

Karl Berger MUSIC MIND (5 weeks)

Medeski Martin & Wood (5 weeks)

“Join us as we discuss our creative process, performing and touring together as a band and also get access to behind-the-scenes and onstage videos dating back to our very first gigs in 1991!” –Medeski, Martin & Wood


MMW: Inside the Minds Outside the Lines, presented by Creative Music Studio‘s new online program, Creative Music Workshop (CMW). Starting at the end of this month, this 5-week interactive program will be hosted by Medeski, Martin & Wood and will involve weekly 90-minute sessions with time for Q&A. Each session will be archived for later access in case you miss the livestream.

There are many other master musicians presenting their programs as well so check out your options. I hope you can be a part of this historic gathering of music lovers, creators and listeners!