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My mission as an educator is simply to instill a sense of creative freedom for others. To be creative is a powerful attribute. With that, we contribute something to the world – no matter how big or small – public or private. My obligation is to inspire and teach anyone to push personal and conventional boundaries so they can cultivate their own musical vocabulary. I want them to find their own ‘voice’.

Using various methods like improvisation, compositional soloing, rhythmic ‘games’, Stridulations for the Good Luck Feast, Point-ill-ism, ‘string of phrases’, and disciplined practice, the student discovers in-the-moment by playing their instrument as opposed to heaps of technical exercises that often hinder the creative aspect. I do not condone technical practice. I want a balanced musician who will have more options in life.

I believe private lessons to be the most effective learning experience. I studied with over 8 different private instructors during my early teens up to my professional career. I consider myself to be a student for life and seek out masters to study with even today. With private sessions, the teacher can identify each students individual talents and problems that may need attention in a very economical way.

With this student-mentor relationship growth is generally fast – much faster than most music schools and much less money in the end. The general age I work with is 15 and older. The student must have some experience playing. There have been some exceptions for ages as young as 10 years.” – Billy Martin

Billy is the Executive Director and CEO of the legendary non-profit organization Creative Music Studio (CMS).

Billy is also Professor at The New School , College of Performing Arts in New York City

To schedule private lessons, workshops or master classes with Billy Martin, please email Billy Martin.

Billy Martin was master artist in residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts in October, 2020 and at Montalvo Arts Center 2010, 2019

Some of Billy’s published work such as books, videos, recordings and visual art are available here


3 thoughts on “Education

  1. Hi Billy,
    I hope this finds you well.
    I’ve been using the Riddim book since original release, and me & my students love it & have a lot of fun working with it.
    I’m wondering what software you used to do the onscreen demos of the rhythms, & whether you were tempted to release an app along similar lines?
    Best regards,

    • Hi James

      yes I plan to create an app.

      PS- I don;t usually read any of these website comments . too much spam bots!!

      thank you!
      illy B

      • i used photoshop and final cut to animate riddims / stridulations in my film LIFE WITH N DRUMS. but now i recommend an ipad animation app called LOOOM – illy B

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