“Billy is a true polymath,” says Brett Littman, executive director of The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum “He is first and foremost a master percussionist – but his artistic ideas are not only limited to the musical sphere. He draws, paints, and makes films. All of these activities are spurred by his relentless intellectual curiosity and his search for ways to express himself.” – SURFACE magazine Dec/Jan Art issue (2016)




New Watercolor Series (January-April 2023)

click photo below or click HERE to see the latest watercolor series



Click HERE of below to access detailed artwork

NEW ART S O L S T I C E  S E R I E S (Summer 2022)

View ALL in Solstice Series HERE


NEW small drawings on paper

View ALL in new small drawings HERE


NEW SERIES oil pastel on paper (2.9.22) HERE

older work (below) illy B Art archives site HERE


illy B Art NFT collections at OPENSEA or HIC ET NUNC

Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 1.51.19 PM

[above] Gakusha Dreams 1 (NFT digital native work)


[above] Fisher Bird (NFT digital native work)


Veve41-056[above] Veve 41, 2015, automatic drawing, ink on paper (Billy Martin aka illy B)


• SURFACE magazine article and video about Billy Martins visual art

• JAZZTIMES article with images of illy B’s graphic scores

GAGOSIAN QUARTERLY interview with Marc Ribot and Billy Martin by Brett Littman




The Herman House Gallery (December 9th 2017) • Disappearing New abstract works on canvas and paper

ICE HOUSE, Minneapolis, Minnesota (December 16th 2017) • Disappearing New abstract works on canvas and paper

ICE HOUSE, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Spring/Summer 2017) • Miscellaneous multimedia collage, silkscreen prints and paintings

2015 The Drawing Center, New York NY
2012 — Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn NY (curated by Phaedra Holt)
2012 — Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
2007 — Lost Leaf Gallery, Phoenix, AZ (curated by Phaedra Holt)
1997 — Tribes Gallery, New York, NY (curated by Phaedra Holt)
1993 — Knitting Factory, New York, NY


2014 — The International Biennial of Contemporary Arts of Cartagena de Indias
2005 — Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
2004 & 2005  — Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
1995 — Atlanta, GA (with John Lurie and William Downs)


Peruse the OLD illy B ART Gallery website (some of this work still available).


Untitled Jellyfish by Billy Martin aka illy B ©2016 Billy Martin

Untitled Jellyfish by Billy Martin aka illy B ©2016 Billy Martin • Oil pastel and spray paint on board 8 x 10 inches

Watch the short video by clicking on the Jelly Fish photo above



Art for Purchase

If you are interested in owning Billy Martin artwork, please contact

†he En∂



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