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Billy is best known for his work as a musician and composer, but he has held an interest in visual art since childhood and has practiced in countless mediums and forms of expression. It was music that led him to travel widely, but the African, Oceanic and Brazilian influences he was exposed to as a result of that travel effected his visual style as much as his percussion. And like his playing, most of his drawings and painting are the products of chance and his improvisational style. Through this technique he has created iconic images (the famous MMW logo), multimedia collages and his own style of bird portraits.


Past Exhibits


1993 — Knitting Factory, New York, NY
1997 — Tribes Gallery, New York, NY (curated by Phaedra Holt)
2007 — Lost Leaf Gallery, Phoenix, AZ (curated by Phaedra Holt)
2012 — Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
2012 — Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn NY (curated by Phaedra Holt)
2015 — The Drawing Center, Brooklyn NY


1995 — Atlanta, GA (with John Lurie)
2003 — The Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
2004 — The Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
2005 — The Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
2014 — The International Biennial of Contemporary Arts of Cartagena de Indias

Art for Purchase

If you are interested in procuring a Billy Martin original for your collection, please contact From time to time featured artwork for sale will be posted to this page, so please check back soon.